Jackson was an 7yo little man when I met him at Animal Rescue Qld. He was shy, scared, not good with cats, aggressive towards dogs and had bucket loads of separation anxiety. I fostered him for 12 months, we did training, and he got more and more comfortable. But still no one interested in adopting Mr Jackson. After 12 months with him and i growing attached to one another, I just couldn't bear the thought of him having to go to another new home and would cry at the thought of that. On my 21st birthday my family members surprised me by ADOPTING Jackson for me!! Jackson is now 13yo and absolutely loving life and will have a home in my heart forever. Despite ongoing issues with other dogs and high anxiety, Jackson has been doing some exposure therapy and now enjoys long walks on the beach and doggo pamper days! I cannot imagine life without Jackson ❤️ he is my absolute best friend. Thank you Jackson for coming into my life from what I thought would be just a few weeks, to a lifetime ❤️🐶

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