Izzy was unfortunately locked in a laundry for her first three years of life, untreated entropion and they bred her while underweight as a result she wasn't socialised and there was a big ? about other dogs and was aloof with people. Indeed, when we first got Izzy home, Izzy was soo overstimulated that we did see some behaviours towards other dogs i.e. lunging and vocalising, and while loving would only want a quick cuddle then would move away. So, over the 8 months we've taken it slow: done dog walk passes, modified play dates, and slowly but surely increased her exposure to new places and situations. We had a consistent routine at home and made sure we gave her space.
We learnt some things very quickly; the behaviours were fear, not aggression based, and Izzy likes to 'talk' while she plays (and loudly). Now, Izzy is a snuggle bunny, has dog friends and playdates, goes to the dog park, and is a good girl off and on lead. We suspect she was always a good girl and just needed the right environment! She amazes us every day, she is a superstar, and we can’t remember life before her!

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