"Your mother and I have decided to settle down and travel less"…unusual words for my beloved 76 year old elite athlete father. Alarm bells rang. At the time, we were expecting our first child, though I knew this was not the reason why they suddenly wanted to slow down.
"Dad, how about a dog. Two days later, it was agreed. It was soon Father's Day, and a dog was the perfect gift.
The RSPCA was full of canine chatter when we found the perfect Father's Day gift. We named her Isabella-Rose and she was inseparable from my parents.
The following month was a blur as our baby daughter did not survive and a fortnight later, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.
Dad suggested that Isabella-Rose may be of help with our grieving and the pooch was gifted for love and comfort to us.
Isabella-Rose never left our sides. She snuggled when we wept. She danced on her back legs when we found joy. She became the third member of our little family…our fur baby. Each weekend she visited her "grandparents" and loved them equally to us. Isabella is more than a dog. She is an angel.

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