Indy came to us as a Foster from Sydney Animal Second Chance (SAS). A call went out for an urgent carer to foster a retriever mix who had been badly neglected for years. Indy had bad fly bites on both ears from being left in a faeces filled long grassed back yard with no shelter. I agreed to look after Indy until she could heal and be vaccinated and desexed.
However What we didn’t expect was to bring into our family, the most loving, affectionate, sweet 32 kgs bundle of joy! She instantly got on with our over spoiled golden retriever Mollie. It has been great for Mollie to learn to share and have company and she loves her new sister.
My kids and especially my husband fell in love with Indy so within 2 weeks she be some a foster fail. We didn’t hesitate to speak with SAS and ask if we could adopt her. Indy has brought our whole family so much unconditional love and joy. She checks on us in the middle of the night to make sure we are still there. She is always looking for attention and love, which she now will always have.

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