We had wanted another addition to the family for years, and when we saw Indi, we knew we needed to add this little Broome girl to our family.

Since arriving she has transformed into what we like to call a sheep/gremlin. She follows our older rescue (4yo) around and gets him to play with her (chasey/tug-a-war) and she also loves splashing around in water, running in dirt and entertaining herself with all her toys.

The best part about Indi is she came to us as the scared runt and since being with us, she has blossomed into this big personality who knows all her manners, LOVES kids and when she's excited her whole body wiggles and she stamps her feet.

With rescuing Indi before meeting her face to face, we had concerns thay she might not fit in with our family, but since being here and having a cancer scare only 2 months in, we know that adopting this beautiful girl was the best thing for us and she has helped our other dog be a dog again (his nick name is sloth-boy) and she makes us laugh every single day with her funky ears and personality.

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