I fostered an American/Johnson bulldog some yrs back named Indi. She came from a breeder who had dumped her once her body was wrecked from being over bred. Her insides were coming out, she was severely emanciated, she had dozens of mammary tumors & was very sick. After 9 months in care, 3 surgeries, a life saving emergency surgery, 3 and a half teets completely removed due to painful tumors and a lot of love , Indi completely stole my heart. She was such a fighter, in the good way. She should have weighed 45kg but only weighed 18kg. Helping her get nourishment and gain weight was a slow process as her actual stomach had shrunk. She was literally dying from starvation. Yet beneath that she was a loving girl towards humans and all animals. She learnt all her training and was following hand commands by the time she was adopted. She was a godsend to me as much as I was to her. She eased my anxiety in public and made me feel safe . Indi is still my special girl in my heart .

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