I’ve been told by the worker, Indi has been adopted out twice. And for some reason it didn’t work out with other families. I moved outer home young and went through tough times. Living alone was quiet scary and lonely. So I decided to check out GAWS. I wanted to adopt a dog but couldn’t find one that suited my small yard. While I was already at the shelter, I thought I’ll just “have a look” at the cats. I spotted a big ginger cat and lady ask if I like to go in. The ginger cat ran and hide, wasn’t interested in me. I tried to get him to come out, but there was this other cat who tried to get my attention. And her name was Miss Indi. But I was too busy trying to get the ginger cat to come out. But miss Indi didn’t stop trying, she jumped on me and wouldn’t get off me. The lady who worked there said “that’s the sign for you to have Miss Indi” not the ginger cat. So I choose Miss Indi and took her home. And she continued on being needy and in your face loving girl.

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