There, in the shelter, was a sad, lonely pup, not even a year old.
His eyes full of woe and his heart heavy still, waiting to finally be sold.
In came a girl with a home full of love and a heart that needed a friend.
She took one look and that’s all it took and exclaimed “he’s the soul I will mend!”
So off they went to start life a fresh but it wasn’t all fun times and joy.
For the poor little pup had had quite a rough start and he was such a terrified boy.
Noises and movement and big scary men were too much for this little fluff.
But family never give up on each other and the girl knew just the stuff!
With training and help and guidance and love, the little pup learnt to stay calm.
It took time and money and patience and care to show him there would be no harm.
So now he enjoys his sleep ins and walks and life is just so divine.
And even though his world has changed for the best, the soul that was mended was mine.

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