I have always had a soft spot in my heart for "Special" pets with special needs so when I got a message asking if I would adopt a deaf kitten from a rescue I said yes.
Hope joined our family initionally we put a whistling key chain tag on Hope as she was very good and hiding.
Only 2 weeks after brining Hope home I was asked if I would take in a partially blind kitten who was found in a bag on the highway out of the 7 kittens only 3 survived after the bag was run over.
Hope & Faith bonded immediately and Hope was quick to learn basic sign language YES Hope knows the sign for stop,come,sit and dinner.
Faith still has some psychological trauma from her tough start but together they are the perfect pair Hope is Faiths eyes and Faith is Hopes ears.
Both are carriers of the Herpies virus and have overcome their own challenges.
For me they are my special babies who have helped me over come my own struggles.
Unconditional love and always there for me.
Having special needs rescues is forfilling and worth every minute.

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