HoneyLemon was found with her babies in a warehouse. She had sun-bleached fur, was very timid and distressed by her babies’ fighting, so we picked her up to foster.

The first few days she only hid and would cower and whimper loudly in fear anytime hands were near her. Slowly we hand-fed her to gain trust, and she associated us with head pats, which she LOVED.

She tentatively began exploring and was so well-behaved and non-destructive that we free-roamed her. She did incredible zoomies and sat under my feet while I worked. She greeted me excitedly everyday, sat on the floor patiently while being groomed, and learned tricks super fast. In a few days, she learned “up”, “spin”, came when called “Honey”, and “perch” on our forearm. I’d never even seen her groom the plushie she slept with every night, but trained her to lick/groom me for pats in under 3 minutes!

After 6 months, Honey’s fur was almost normal. She was adopted while we were on holiday, and her journey arranged swiftly, so we sadly never got to say goodbye. Multiple volunteers transported her over DAYS to her forever home, but we’re proud she did well despite her anxiousness!

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