Honey Drops was found under a house after being chased by dogs and taken to the pound. She was severely matted to the point she could barely walk, she was damp and smelly, and she was being eaten alive by maggots. The amazing team at the Rabbit Sanctuary rescued her, groomed her and nursed her back to health, giving her a second chance at life.

I fell in love with Honey immediately after watching her rescue story and seeing the love she shared with her foster mum. I immediately applied to adopt this beautiful girl and was honoured to be successful.

12 months later and Honey is still full of love and sass! Honey has learned to gives kisses, high fives and spin around. She loves to adventure and climb, often finding her way onto the kitchen bench or sneaking into the treats.

It broke my heart to leave Honey alone while I was at work so we adopted Oscar also from the Rabbit Sanctuary. The pair are now inseparable and will climb all over you looking for their treats or demanding pats.

Honey is such an amazing girl who deserves the world. I'm so lucky to be her bun-mum

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