Our story starts with my partner and I buying a house in the suburbs with a backyard so we could get a dog. We had already adopted a cat and wanted a dog to complete our fur family. We spent a while looking for a dog but were sadly unsuccessful until we found the perfect fit with Honey!
When we brought Honey home she was quite tentative around men and not trusting of many people. We could also tell she’d had a rough start and had a litter of pups before she was 18 months old. Honey took a while to learn how to play with people, toys and other dogs.
She’s come along in leaps and bounds. Honey loves playing with the ball and will even drop it in our laps for us to throw. She’s really warmed up to people and even goes up to others for cuddles which warms our hearts!
We go to the dog park most weekends and have recently joined doggy day care.
We’ve still got a way to go but we can’t remember life before Honey. She’s gives the best cuddles! ❤️

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