When Honey first joined my family, I had a schipperke, Jeze, who I'd found in an abandonned building over 14 years before. Honey was obviously terrified when she was first brought to my home (she'd been found tied in a garbage bag and placed in a bin that was about to be collected). Jeze immediately went up to her, and obviously was assuring her that this was a safe home for her, and the two went off to explore the unit we live in together. At first, Jeze was the only one who could really get close to Honey, but after a couple of days Honey joined Jeze and me on our chair and she began to completely change, her tail curling over her back as a maltese x toy poodles should instead of being between her back legs. Honey joined Jeze and me, going everywhere together on our mobility scooter, Jeze sitting on my lap with her front legs on the tiller, and Honey in a pet sling worn across my body. Jeze unfortunately suffered a stroke 3 months after Honey joined us, and both Honey and I were devastated but now Honey is my one and only.

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