Due to personal life circumstance, I had lived in several places where I unable to keep a pet. I am very passionate about animals especially dogs, i volunteered at an animal shelter just to get my happiness being around them. About 2 years ago my circumstances changed, I was finally able to adopt a rescue dog! For months I applied to many rescue groups, missing out or wasn’t the right suitable living circumstances. I was about to give up I was so disappointed about the rejection, then one day on pets rescue I decided to click out of Melbourne and there was an add from ‘Hound on a rebound’, a small rescue group outside of NSW with a litter of Kelpie X Dachshund! I applied for the last boy, but he was already taken. I wrote to them asking if they ever come across a dog in need of a home to think of me! The next day they called and said the brother of the original pup was up for adoption again, 48 hours later we picked up Hercules who took one look at my partner and I and gave us kisses like he knew he was coming home

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