I remember when I was a little puppy going to my new home and the family loved me and I loved them. I lived outside in a small concrete courtyard and I woofed and wiggled a lot when my owners came to feed and pet me. Then I got bigger and the humans didn’t seem to love me anymore. I woofed a lot and I got hungry and cold. There was no shelter in the courtyard and I had to go to the toilet where I slept. Sometimes a human would come and hose me down and a couple days a week I was thrown some food scraps. I was very sad and lonely. Days turned into weeks, Weeks became months. Months became years. One day a nice lady came. From Homeless Hounds. She patted me and asked my name. I didn’t have one. The very next day I was at a small farm with my new family. I have a big retriever sister called Molly and I get fed and patted every day We go for long walks. Molly and I sleep inside in big fluffy beds and Im happy all the time. And I have a name. Henry.

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