I had a classroom cat (Vincent van Purr), whom everyone adored. Devestatingly he suddenly died 17/6/21, the day of my mum's funeral. I was inconsolable. In an effort to heal I chose to adopt again. There were plenty kittens available, unfortunately no gingers. That was until I was put in contact with Amanda, a foster mum with SAFE Perth. She had a mum with 6 gingers. I drove across Perth for a meet and greet – OMG they were all adorable, how do I choose? I ended up picking a little boy called 'Eddy'.
On 31/7/21 I picked up Eddy and casually asked his birthdate – it was 20/5/21 (the 6th anniversary of my dads death!!) – this was meant to be!!.
The following week 'Henri Toulouse-Lacat' started his job at school – my artroom cat. My students adore him – he's the polar opposite of Vincent – very vocal, loud, naughtly and full on, however he's an amazing companion cat – available for hugs and comfort when students require it.
The joy and positive vibe he brings to my classroom is truly immense. My students want to come to class and will walk straight past me to greet Henri!

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