I found Hendrix on the Pet Rescue website and instantly fell in love. 1 month prior to this I had to have my 18 year old cat put down which broke my heart. I adopted Hendrix who was the last of his litter to be adopted, he was 5 months old. We even share the same birthday!!!!
I drove 2 hours to adopt him, he jumped down out of his cage and rolled around on the floor at my feet, I knew I had to have him and he came home with me and had the cat flu! I nursed him back to health and we have such an inseparable bond. He has helped me through depression and anxiety, a bad breakup and I couldn't love him any more than I do, he means the world to me, he's my little nugget! He's the most loving and emotionally attached cat I have ever had, will always follow me around everywhere I go! Rescue cats are the ones who truly rescue us! I'd be lost without my boy!

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