My adopting of beautiful Heidi changed my life for the best. I adopted Heidi close to 2 ½ years ago from The Not Forgotten Ones Inc. Heidi is of no specific breed but may have a touch of maybe Siamese in her and she is nearly 9 years old now.
I worked 17 years in the animal care industry and ended giving it up because I got severely burnt out from the emotional side of the industry. I spent 13 years away from anything animal related but I now volunteer for the Animal Rescue organisation that I adopted Heidi from and this has been the most rewarding life experience I have had for a very long time. It has opened me up to finding skills I never knew I had, from building cat run enclosures, running fundraising BBQ’s to helping run a Facebook page. I have also gained a very good friend, Heidi’s ex-foster mum.
If it was not for adopting Heidi I would of not re-found the passion I have for helping animals. Since then I have also adopted another beautiful fur baby “Izabella” and foster 2 of the rescue’s cats who are waiting for a forever home.

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