I spent the first half of the year in and out of hospital fighting for my life and incredibly unwell. As I came home and began to recover I realised how isolated I was in my home trying to heal alone.
I was looking at rescue sites for when I found Ingrid’s Haven. Going to the shelter was heartbreaking, so many cats all desperate for love. My cat as she chose me immediately. Walking into the room she was curled up in a bed sadly watching as people passed her over for cuter cats or kittens, she had been there for 15 months waiting. As soon as I walked in she changed, she leapt from the bed straight onto my shoulder and began head butting me and purring. After that there was no leaving her behind to be passed over again.

She is the most incredible cat now that she’s come out of her shell. She seems to know what I need to heal before I know and she’s always there purring in my face throughout the day. She’s gone from a scared little cat to a beautiful brave soul who has helped me heal in so many ways.

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