Anxiety swirls around my life. I teach disengaged teens with extreme anxiety. My young daughters have Selective Mutism, an anxiety condition that prevents them from speaking at school. Add Co-Vid… enough said.

Always a large breed lover and second chances, I scrolled through PetRescue. I abruptly stopped when Buddy10 appeared. Damn…location:NSW. In Vic lockdown, I sighed.

Despite reason, I contacted HappyPawsHaven. "Two families are visiting him today," the director shared. "His original family surrendered him as his brother died after being poisoned on a neighbouring property." I contacted her the following day realising the long shot dream. "It's your lucky day. He's too big for the families at 50 Kgs." Sight unseen, we took a leap of faith.

After daily beach walk promises, transport to Melbourne was arranged for our Wolfhound/Rottweiler. When he arrived, I knew we hit the jackpot.

Since January, Haystack has supported anxiety students at school. He's the unofficial beach town mascot and the kids flood him daily with kisses at my daughters's school. His easy going nature encourages friendships, conversations and community building.

Our "needle in the haystack" is one in a million, perhaps billion.

We recently rescued Paddywhack, a Wolfhound Cross and his new partner-in-crime!

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