My little man is with me no more. After Easter this year I needed to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go peacefully.

Harry, of unknown age and parentage, came to live with me just after i had gone through cancer surgery and treatment. Obviously mistreated in his early life, with two failed homing attempts, he changed my life as I think I changed his. We rescued each other. Both of us from traumatic pasts, we grew together, snuggled and slept together.

Over the last four years mobility and health issues prevented me going walkies with him. So two families in my local neighbourhood became special people for him as well as for me. He didn’t like other dogs and needed to be in a single dog household. However he made an exception for Layla – who also didn’t like other dogs. I think now
Layla is grieving as much as I am over the loss of her boyfriend .

Two years ago Harry was diagnosed with a bladder tumour and given six months to live. The extra time was an absolute Godsend through the pandemic. He will always have a special place in my heart – and Layla's.

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