Harley has a huge personality and we love her for it! She knows she’s found her forever home and let’s us know by kissing us, pawing at our face and laying on your shoulders! She loves to play ping pong, but not as much as she loves cuddles. She will sit inside our oodie hoodie and make herself at home. She is still learning to share space with the dogs but is slowly becoming friends with them! We will never feel alone again thanks to her always being up for a conversation! Harley loves to go on outside adventures and make her mark on the world. She also loves sharing with everyone and expects your share with her your food in return! You never expect and thank you for making them apart of the family and bringing them home, but Harley has never failed to show us how grateful she is! The gymnast in her will have your head spinning as you watch her flip around while chasing some string. She currently holds record for the most (successful) backflips in the house! Harley is crazy but is the perfect fit for our family!

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