We fostered 3 beautiful puppies in 2020, Jack, Zeus & Cooper and have since fostered 2 litters of kittens + had 3 “foster fails” when we adopted 3 kittens from the 2 litters. Fostering all of these animals has been nothing short of a blessing. Each one of them have individually left a paw print on my heart forever and I look so forward to updates from their now owners or running into them in town! Nothing is more rewarding than giving the unconditional love and attention to an animal who has a rough start to life, caring for them deeply until they are adopted to their fur-ever home! Our 3 boys we kept, Milky Way, Charlie Chaplin & Harley Davidson are the apples of my eye and we are so honoured to be their parents. We are huge advocates for adopting not shopping and fostering through the RSPCA has only solidified that even more. Thank you for all you do RSPCA, we are blessed to work with you 🙂

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