Hanshin was abandoned at a young age and left to fend for himself in the front garden of the house we purchased as newly weds(we guess 8-9 years). During the Sydney bushfires he turned brown and grey from all the ash and would play with a small rock on our verandah in the bitter cold. He didn’t understand what toys were or that a humans hand wasn’t trying to hurt him. He was literally Garfield- majorly obese from eating all the poor quality feed and had terrible IBS.
We were always dog people but Hanshin taught us that he is like the Japanese baseball team- strong and adaptable! He has shown his ability to amaze us with being able to learn new commands, walk in a harness and become a house cat. He’s turned in to such a chatty catty!
At the peak of my mental health struggles last year- he also caught FIV from a neighbourhood street cat but he inspires me each day that despite every challenge he faces he knows how to meet obstacle head on and not change what he values most! (Steamed chicken in his case!)
Be ready to learn!
Love 阪神!

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