Hamlin was introduced to me at 16 months old. Scruffy and skinny and distrustful, he showed signs of abuse and neglect. He joined my family, and 4 weeks later, Briarleigh became mine. They bonded like nobodies business. From day one, they were best friends. It took a while for Hamlin to trust me, and he showed signs of his abuse for the rest of his life.
At 2 years old, he developed a rare genetic condition that caused fully conscious seizures, and his breeder tried to make us kill him.
At 6, I was told he wouldn't make 8 years old because of 2 ruptured cruciates and the seizures.
At 9, I moved to the bush and he was in his element.
At 12, he started slowing down.
At 13, he got sick but rallied.
At 14, he developed gall bladder mucocele and we had to say goodbye.
At 16 months, he became my family, and my best friend and at 14, he journeyed over the rainbow bridge.
His sister and I miss him dreadfully, and he will always be in my heart.
He changed my life and I hope that I changed his and showed him what love is.

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