My cat Zorro had died and when it was time I began perusing the Pet Rescue website for my new feline companion. I had no preference, was looking for a face that "spoke to me". The moment I saw Gypsy's photo with a beaming beautiful smile my heart melted, I called immediately as I was sure such gorgeousness would be snapped up quickly. I met Gypsy, she was 6 months old with a shaved side from de-sexing. Her story still makes me realize how lucky we were. Pet Rescue Llandilo had gone to Hawkesbury Pound to collect 2 allocated cats and on arrival found one had been rehomed (how good is that!) and were to choose another cat. The conversation went that "Gypsy was on death row, with a week to go". I am so very happy she was chosen that day. Gypsy settled in from the first moment when she walked from the carrier and straight to the litter tray in the laundry. She is a loving and adorable girl with many head butts and smooches. Gypsy by name, but shadow by nature, she never wanders and is always nearby. We saved each other. Gypsy is 9 now.

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