We wanted to adopt a dog, but a lot of rescue dogs have been mistreated and need a quiet home. With a young child and a baby on the way, our home was anything but quiet! I replied to an ad on Pet Rescue that didn’t specify “No kids” – that dog was not suitable for a house with kids, but Shirlz from the Perth Chihuahua Rescue put me on their waiting list. A few weeks later, I got an email. A pregnant dog had come to them – would I like to adopt one of the puppies?
So we adopted Gypsy, a mystery mutt of uncertain ancestry (their best guess is Chihuahua/staffy/kelpie cross.) Gypsy loves walking to school or the playground, or playing cops and robbers with the kids. She’s very popular at school – our eldest son had trouble adjusting to going to kindy, but he was calmer on the mornings that we walked, and he could hug Gypsy good bye. There are often other school kids who pat her their way in to class too.
Gypsy is the shortest, furriest member of our family. One day we’ll have to break the news to her that she’s adopted!

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