We rescued Gussy back in January 2017. He had never had a toy, so at the age of 17 months we introduced him to our world where you have shelter, safety and toys, whist being a member of the Sandford-Ricci family.

From dawn until dusk – the very moment he opens his eyes, he’s ready to play. The only stipulation he has put upon us is that every toy must be pink.

He had only ever been given canned food, so when he was introduced to our meals of cooked chicken with vegetables, he made us laugh by spitting out every single vegetable – although I’m happy to say that that did not last long.

He is the most beautiful little dog who loves us immensely and endlessly.

He has repaid us, by shredding all of our scrim curtains around our house, in the name of protecting us from all who walk by and we couldn’t be happier.

He has filled a hole in our hearts and shown us that you rescuing is far better than adopting – we’re converted forever.

Although we initially chose him, in the end Gussy 💙 chose us.

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