Gunter came to live with our family of six- a married couple and four permanent foster kids- plus our border collie, rescue cat and multiple chooks- last September. We went to meet and greet him as a rescue pup from the fabulous Dunroamin' Inc and poor Dad thought we would be coming home with only one dog! Gunter was everything we never knew we needed in a mate: small, quirky, slightly shy and full of an endless amount of cuddles. He fit in straight away with his relentless optimism- it is is super power! Cat looks cranky- no worries! It'll be better soon! Dog doesn't want to play? No problem, with persistence he will come around! Words cannot express how much we love our little Gunter man. He is relentlessly cheerful, loving and so very keen to be a part of our huge family. He sleeps on our bed, curls up with the cat and dog, and has certainly curled his way into our hearts! Through it all he has become much more confident: he no longer ducks when people reach toward him, and can walk on a lead like a champ! We are so glad we adopted Gunter!

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