Scrolling through the dogs on the rescue sight I came across Griffin who I instantly fell in love with, not knowing he was in Queensland and we live in Melbourne.
Griffin was eight months old at the time. A 40kg Great Dane x Labrador.
We applied to adopt and talked to the foster carer (jacinda) the following day .
We saw lots of videos and photos of Griffin and couldn’t wait to meet him and give him a loving home.
We organised flying him down to Melbourne .
He was very shy at first but soon settled in.
Griffin has just had his first birthday. He has learned a lot in 4 months. But still needs more training as he pulls on the lead, but slowly getting there as he loves his treats which help with training. He is very good with other dogs as jacinda had 4 dogs and a cat at the time of caring for Griffin. His time was up at the pound.
Thank you Jacinda for rescuing Griffin. You are an amazing person to take animals in and find homes for them.
Can’t imagine life without him now. Best decision we made.

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