We had to say goodbye to our gorgeous 14 year old Dalmatian in the middle of Melbourne’s long covid lockdown. Our home was filled with sadness and silence. Then along came Gracie- a young and feisty, one eyed, half tailed, ex racing greyhound. Her coat was full of dandruff and had grown dull and coarse, in an effort to keep her skinny body warm in the cold training kennels. Her bald thighs told a sad story of stress. She waited for a long time at the Greyhound Safety Net adoption agency for someone to give her a chance. Everyone looked past her but not us, we loved her the moment we saw her. She needed us and we needed her. Love, hope and time turned her life, and ours around. She is now thriving with a beautiful sleek, shiny black coat and is living the life she deserves. Our home is once again filled with joy. We love you so much Gracie Grace!

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