We adopted our girl from GAP in casino,she was an ex racer in terrible condition. She was under race weight (you could see all her rips and hip bones)had a tummy parasite,pressure sores from standing in her own wee and a servere ear infection.
Her kennel life was cruel and they tried to get a litter out of her before they gave her up but she wouldn’t fall pregnant. She was a damaged abs afraid dog when we got her,she had never seen a beach or a city,she was terrified!
After about 4months she trusted us and started to show us her quirky personality which has kept as laughing since. She rescued us it’s that simple. She brings joy and love to everyone she meets. She is gentle with kids and is drawn to those with a disability (people in wheelchairs ect). She hogs our bed and now loves meat! Because all she was use to was cheap kibble. Every Saturday we take her to the coffee shop for a baby chino and she loves the marshmallow that comes with it. She has filled our heart with so much love. Below is a before and after photo 1year apart.

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