200 words is hard to make a long story short. Almost 1 year ago, I lost Lara my best friend in the entire world, she wasn’t a cat, she was my child, as most pets are. The day she died my world changed and most of me, died with her. In September 2020, a little gray kitten was born, but I wasn’t ready…. But somehow this kitten had other ideas….. a rescue in the town of Lara had him… sign 1.. He’s mother looked exactly like Lara sign 2 . I couldn’t save my Lara, but I could help save this little kittens mummy, by paying her desexing fees. Unfortunately his mummy passed away after the desexing, and this little gray kitten had now lost his world. I couldn’t allow him that sadness. He needed a loving home., I knew in my heart, he was a gift to help me heal, it was the grace of god that this little kitten was soon to be mine. So that’s the story of Gracen and Amanda. Thanks to API for the peace of mind with your insurance i never have to worry about the finance side. So grateful thank you!!

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