After having lost our beloved Staffy a few years ago we found we missed having a four legged friend too much and started the search for a rescue dog. After many attempts and a lot of disappointment we read about Gidgi who had been found, abandoned and heavily pregnant, in Country New South Wales. Gidgi was fostered in Ballarat and gave birth to 8 health, beautiful puppies. Once they were adopted out we were given the chance to meet our new family member. We fell in love with her straight away and now could not be happier with this gift of a loving, affectionate adult dog who fits in so well into our lives. Gidgi was quite weary at first, hiding the treats we offered her, but now you would sweat she never had another home but ours. We are forever grateful to Found Hearts for this unique opportunity. Our household is whole again and the daily walks will keep us fit for years to come. Gidgi even starts to appreciate the beach probably not ever having seen so much water in her previous life. One day she will even learn to swim, we are sure.

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