I adopted 5yr poodle Georgie from RSPCA last yr. She came from a puppy farm, she suffers from PTSD and anxiety. She was frightened of everything. With lots of love and support she has settled in really well and I'm her absolute person. 4 weeks ago we adopted Ollie and Phoenix – an older poodle x bonded pair. We are very unhappy with the rescue service because it was obvious quickly that they had health issues. Poor tiny Phoenix had all of her teeth removed and has a heart issue. Luckily Ollie only had 4 teeth removed. It's only been a few weeks but they are both so happy and much healthier and they have bonded with Georgie perfectly. They are one happy poodle family and they have made our happy family much happier still. We would never have returned Ollie and Phoenix because I really believe that Phoenix would have been put to sleep if she didn't find a family to pay for her dental work and ongoing care. All 3 are so sweet and playful and we get such lovely comments when we are seen walking. Our hearts are full beyond compare.

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