I had not intended on fostering any cats as my youngest cat Chester had only passed away a month before but somewhere was needed for George and no other carers could take him. He came to me as a 6 month old unsocialized stray who would hiss and lunge if I went near him. I worked with him for a few hours a day for weeks to help teach him that people were ok and he slowly came out of his shell. When I was first able to pat him it was such an accomplishment and it was so nice to see him lean into the pats. Soon after this I found out he really liked having his belly rubbed (which is still one of his favourite things). For such a scared kitten he really came out of his shell and made friends with the resident cats and dog and really just slotted into our life here perfectly. He has a lot of little personality traits that Chester had and it's been amazing to see him grow into a very curious, cuddle mammas boy. I do have more videos and photos if needed

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