I adopted George in July 2021. George was really stressed at the kennels, overstimulated and upset by the other dogs around him. He needed a quiet home with no other pets or children and someone with the patience and kindness to help him out. He found petlife really strange and new and it has been a long slow process to help him to relax. Over this year we have started to build a really beautiful bond of love and trust together. We are continuously working on his reactivity towards other dogs, it's a work in progress! Greyhounds from a racing kennel environment coming to a home is a really huge transition and I'm always trying ways to help George and understand him better. He's taught me to slow down and be patient and to try and see things from his perspective when he is struggling with his emotions. Through adopting we've made a lot of new friends in the Greyhound community and we really love going for walks with other greyhounds. I'd love to recommend adopting a greyhound to others they are a lovely gentle companion with a fun goofy side 😀

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