After losing our gorgeous rescue galah El Birdo, we had a big hole in our hearts. It took us two years of applying for dogs before we finally were lucky enough to bring Furio – the little white Maltese cloud – home. He was a stray so his story is unknown, but he came to the Lost Dogs Home severely matted and unneuetered. The first thing I noticed was that this gorgeous boy was so desperate for love but so unable to control his emotions. Whatever his story, Furio does live up to his namesake: he is easily overwhelmed, very reactive and fearful of dogs, he has touch sensitivity and can't be picked up or touched in some places, and he has a hell of a bite!

I would be lying if I said the thought that we aren't up for the job hadn't crossed my mind. But it's that thought that made me persevere – someone has given up on this little guy, and that cycle has to end here. Our lives and hearts are so full with this little guy, and we can't wait to give him all the opportunities for a happy life that he deserves.

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