When I adopted my then 8 month old Schnauzer x Kelpie Frosty he was very scared, reactive and so nervous. I was told he had been psychically abused and had been in a backyard his whole life. I had to start taking him for walks at night as he was so terrified of people and other dogs as he had not been socialised at all. I started taking him to behavioural training and social classes straight away. In the 3 and a half years since I have had him, he has turned into such a confident and playful little cuddle monster who is full of personality. He loves squeaky toys, sticks and playing with other dogs. It melts my heart to see him reach his full potential and have such an amazing life that he deserves. I take him wherever I can – cafes, pubs, on road trips, to the beach and he absolutely loves it. People say I rescued him but he has honestly rescued me and has helped me through some the toughest times in my life and I am so grateful to him. I could not imagine life without my little sidekick, I love him so much.

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