I'd wanted a dog for quite a while but circumstances didn't allow but when retirement came along my search for a companion & walking buddy started.
A search on Pet Rescue became my morning ritual & soon a Beautiful little Kelpie came along but I decided I couldn't do him justice.
Then COVID hit & the demand for Pets went through the roof. Over 12 mths & Nine unsuccessful Applications passed & the emotional rollercoaster was getting to me. I decided If the Tenth was unsuccessful I would give it a rest for a while.
Then out of the blue I was invited to a Meet & Greet for Freddie – a Jack Russel/ Fox terrier Mix. He jumped into my lap with little enticement & I was smitten.
Freddie loves to greet everybody on our daily walks ( sometimes unwelcome ) & is a daily delight. He is a real little character. I feel so lucky.
My Annual Health report came back the other day after having missed a year. ( Covid ) It was even better than before prompting this Doctors response. " Whatever you're doing keep doing it ! " Thankyou Freddie.

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