Freda was very timid at first. Food didn't budge her. Cat videos didn't do its magic. She‘d hiss and hide under the bed. I had to install cctv just so I can see what she’s doing. One day she went out to eat while the sun’s up but she would run and hide when she heard me move. I started to engage her with a teaser toy and moved her food to where she’s hiding and she came out! She’d hide after eating though. Gradually, she’d stay outside after eating, while I’m there sitting. I let her lick food from the spoon and gave her a hand fed food and she had her eyes closed while eating. Slowly, I petted her and she didn’t mind! She loved it so much she lied down and showed her belly! Now, we love our petting sessions, the meows and the chirps, our time basking under the sun, tv sessions, play time, and the following around.
Freda has made me aware of FIV because of her condition. She’s made me laugh with her looks of judgement. It may seem like I am helping her but she has definitely helped me during these times.

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