Although my family has a rescue dog and cat and we LOVE them dearly… this story is about our rescue chicken! My husband works night shift on the freeway and a chicken slaughter truck flew past, filled with hundreds of chickens, well one fell out! She hit the freeway at 100km/h and was badly damaged. Lost an eye, broken wing, destroyed foot. My husband picked her up and wrapped her in a towel and took her to the aviation vet the next day. The vet patched her up, best he could, but said she wouldn't last the night. Well she did! She made the most amazing recovery and during Covid19, she lived in our house! We cared for her and she gave our family the "sunshine" we so needed, to get us through lockdown. She brightened every single day. Eventually, she was up to being able to go outside, so we set up a chicken coop and got her a little friend. All my family and friends followed Freckles' journey on social media and were amazed at her recovery and entertained at her funny little personality and the stories we told "life with Freckles"! We all lived happily ever after!

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