We sadly lost our old ginger cat Max at the ripe old age of 21, so it was time to look at a friend for our other rescue cat Kitty Purry.
We saw an ad for beautiful brother and sister Elvis and Pricilla, who were found with their brothers and sisters in an industrial estate, where unfortunately their mum passed away. They were lucky to be rescued.
We met them and fell in love, particularly loving that Elvis was also a gorgeous ginger boy! When we got back to pick up our new twins, Tracey told us to prepare to meet Frank who had taken the twins under his wing and had stepped in to look after and nurture them. Frankie was also fortunate to be rescued just that week. When we met them, the three were cuddled up together in a sink. We could not resist, even though 4 cats was never part of the plan!
Bringing them home, Frank (now Frankie) has continued to be their protector and nurturer. They are all so happy, and Kitty Purry is gradually getting used to the new babies. They changed our life.

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