I visited the RSPCA in March 2017 to look at the cats. All the cats were so sweet, coming to the door of their cages for a look at the visitors and a pet, except one. A gorgeous white cat with black markings who sat, facing the back of her cage. I asked the attendant about her and they said they were worried she wouldn't be adopted because of this refusal to engage with potential families.

She was only 2, but had already had a litter, had been abused and abandoned and as a result didn't trust people. I said I would take her.

When Frankie first got home she was understandably terrified. She would hide from us and never welcomed a pat.

Now, 4 years on, Frankie doesn't leave us alone! While she's still not hugely cuddly, she shows affection in her own way. Following us from room to room to sit near us whatever we're up to. She loves a chin or an ear tickle and will curl up next to us on the couch.

Watching her grow over the years has been incredible. I'm so happy she has a safe and happy home, with us.

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