On the 11th of April, this year, I sadly had to say goodbye to rescue boy, our Breagle Fred due to Cardiac Emergency. Him and I were so close he followed me, if I went to the bathroom he would be waiting there for me outside the door.My whole whole fell apart and part of my heart was gone. I could not function, he was my savior after we lost our Border Collie in 2016.
I started looking through the Websites looking for a new beautiful rescue who needed a loving home. I came across this beautiful, boy Named Frank who had been left to fend for himself on the street, his story broke my heart, It had only been a couple of weeks since we lost our boy, but to me it was meant to be, and I am convinced Fred had a hand it this adoption. I filled in the application, and was then given an appointment to have a meet and greet. He came over to me and laid by by side, He is mine I said. And the rest is history we both love him so much. A special Angel, sent with love, from his brother..

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