I’ve adopted fox when he was very little I had to wait couples months to have him home as he was a street cat very malnourished and sick and we didn’t know if he was going to make it , after many trips at the vet he was finally in a better state and could join our family but being a street cat he kind of had ptsd from the street and his start was a bit rough with my dog as he didn’t liked my dog at all and was trying to attack him constantly, I also already had another cat and they kind of getting along faster than was I had expected wich had boosted his confidence. At some stage we were thinking we might not be able to keep him due to him being agressif with my dog but one year later he came a long way from his agressif temper and beside having megacolon and gingivitis still , he is now way more happy and had settle well in the family even with my dog 🙂 never give up as it does take time with rescue but it’s well with it .

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