i had lost my previous cat to old age-20 years! and i was ready to provide a home to another cat in need. these guys were found in a house in north sydney, along with a numerous amount of other cats. being black cats, they were in the shelter for some time and once i saw their picture and profile, it was too late as i had fallen in love with them and wanted them to be adopted together (they are brothers). we then set about on a bit of a mission (due to distance, expense and bushfires) to get them transported from sydney to the northern rivers.
they settled in quickly but had a fair amount of (to be expected) ptsd and i never thought i would even get a collar on them. they have come a long way and now demand a daily walk on their leash and have their own you tube channel. as a person with epilepsy, they brighten my world with their adorable ways and the love that they give every day.

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