So just after Christmas 2018 we lost our beloved rescue cat Barney , we didn’t think we could ever replace him but we knew we had place for another fur baby , we rescue all our animals so there was never a decision to be made . When I saw Lucien advertised needing a home I knew he was the one . Fast forward 2 mths and wow what an impact Flash formally Lucien has had on our family , we renamed him Flash as he’s very fast , he is almost 6 mths now and such a crazy cat the kids have taught him to fetch , he loves our 3 dogs ,our ragdoll Choco was sad when he lost his mate but he’s happy again too. Flash is the funniest lil fella whom has made the kids smile again after losing Barney and I hope we’ve made him smile after such a rough start to life , apparently he was 2 weeks old when he arrived at the shelter with no mum. He now has a forever home.

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