We picked up our dog and put him in the works Station Wagon and he was so tall he was scraping the roof. I said "What have we done" my wife said "what have you done, we were going to get a small dog!" Flash threw up in the back of the wagon on the way home, and thereafter there was always a smell in that car when it was hot. When we got home Flash was so glad that he was in his forever home, that he went from one to another to another and then started at the beginning again. We had managed to get the best dog I have ever owned, he could run like the wind, he would never leave us and protect us if we were out and about. He was 16 years old when he went to God, and the Vet said he would never have got to that age as a big dog if we hadn't looked after him perfectly. Looking after Flash was a pleasure as he was such a good dog. He lived in the house with us all his life.

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