Over the years I had thought about rescusing a Greyhound a lot but my living circumstances wouldn't have allowed me to have one. I fell ill in 2020 and was facing my own mortality and when this happens you tend to look back on your life and question what you might have done differently. One of those things was never taking serious steps to rescue a grey. After I became well again I decided to move, specifically to be able to house a greyhound.

I've had Finni for 3 weeks now and I have absolutely fallen in love. He loves a squeaky toy, cream cheese and goes nuts for roast chickens and beef liver. When I first got him he was very scared of all the urban noise, froze in the elevator and took a lot of encouragement to get him used to it, but now he has no problem with it. Slow going but he is also getting used to the urban noise and becoming more confident everyday. He is just a sweetheart and loves a snuggle into my arms when I am trying to work at my desk from home, a lovely distraction lol.

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